Sunday, January 12, 2014


This weekend was a real treat. We were able to enjoy warmer temps and I actually spent my first few hours away from the babe. It took me 9 weeks and 1 day, but I really needed to get my hair done. I hadn't had my hair done since August (as you can tell from the pics!). I thought I was going to lose it from all of the separation anxiety and I literally had to put my car on cruise control so I wouldn't speed on the way home. It was nice to be pampered for a while though. I also finally had a chance to listen to my Beyonce album, music blaring and beats bumping! Music just isn't the same if it isn't ridiculously loud. It's hard to do that with a baby sleeping in the back. :) The few hours away were great, but it was nice to come home to the biggest, sweetest smiles. Sunday we were able to get out and take the babe for a stroller ride and then later that evening we celebrated my brother's birthday. It was a great weekend, it was a tease for sure, though. I'm ready for warmer temps and sunny days! And now, a million and one pictures for you to look at. :)
A crappy photo of my new hairs.
Melissa Loren

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