Sunday, January 19, 2014


This weekend we braved a road trip with an 11 week old. I was super nervous at first because he's been sleeping through the night and we've been working on nap time, too. I didn't want to mess up the routine we have going by taking him somewhere new and throwing him off. After consulting with several of my mommy friends, I was convinced that it was now or never. Lucky for us it was only a four hour trip, so if we timed it right he would sleep the whole way...which he did, on the way home. On the way there we made the mistake of making a pitstop and waking him up to feed him, we definitely should have just let him sleep. The last hour there I had to ride in back with him to soothe him and keep him calm and entertained. Which was actually pretty awesome. He held my hand the rest of the way and gave me lots of smiles. :) He must have loved daddy's hometown because he was angel the entire weekend. He continued to sleep through the night, he didn't know a stranger and he was just the happiest baby! It was nice to have a good experience road tripping and staying somewhere new, it's encouraging for any future trips. 
I will say that traveling with a baby requires a TON of luggage. We brought the swing, we brought the bouncer, we brought the play mat, we brought the medicine cabinet...I mean, we just weren't going to chance it. We had to bring everything just incase! Turns out, all we needed was the booger sucker(nose frida), a swaddle, onesies and his quilt. We needed diapers and wipes too, of course! OH, and his rock n play(that's where he sleeps)! We needed his monitor and sound machine too. Haha. Like I said, babies require a lot, but we didn't need all of the extras and fancy stuff. 
All in all it was a wonderful trip and it was nice to get away. We didn't do anything fancy, we just relaxed and hung out with the fam. Those weekends are the best weekends.
Isn't H a ham in that picture up there? ^^ I can't get enough of him. His little hands holding onto the strings and he ornery grin, plus those dimples! *Sigh*
Ok, I have to tell you about this picture. By Sunday, Henry was exhausted. I know this poor boy was so exhausted because he NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, sleeps anywhere but momma's arms or in his rock n play. He is never able to sleep without a swaddle and he never sleeps flat-backed. Here he is sleeping unswaddled, flat-backed, in the middle of grandma's bed. I Tiny nugget, love him!
Melissa Loren

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