Sunday, February 23, 2014

{Favorite Spring Trend}

While this is certainly not a fashion blog and I am no fashion guru, I still have fashion tendencies and as a new mom, I dream of what it will be like to wear normal clothes again. Maybe even heels? (GASPS!) On top of that, ICANNOTWAITFORSPRING. Give me all the sunshines. When dreaming of warmer weather, I can't help but think about my spring wardrobe. Right now I live in leggings and boots, it's been the most convenient for me over these last few months. I try to picture what will be cute and comfy with a baby this spring. Maxi skirts again? I feel like I wore out the maxi skirt trend while I was preggo. We'll see I guess.
I had to share my favorite spring trend, even if I won't be rocking it this spring. I don't know, maybe for a girls night or a mommy's day out, I could pull it off? 
Moving on...
This isn't a new trend, we've seen it for a while now, but I can't get over the matching skirt and crop top trend. Now, these can definitely lean towards, skeezy, and I 100% side with the more classy use of this trend. Meaning, typically I prefer it with a pencil skirt rather than a short skirt, I like a fuller, looser crop top and for the most part I just want to see a hint of midriff, not the whole dang thing.
So for above with the celebrities here's what I'm thinking:
Beyonce can do whatever she wants, so a shorter crop top is BA on her, but she has her bellybutton covered, her skirt is below the knees and she has sleeves, this keeps it from looking too over the top. Nicole Scherzinger nailed it in my opinion. From the white, to the cut of both the top and the skirt, everything is so perfectly chic.
I'm not a huge fan of Miranda Kerr's look, but I like the length of the skirt and the hint of midriff. I don't like all of the detail and the criss-cross that's going on with her top.
Does Jessica Alba ever do any wrong? She has always been one of my favorite celebrities to follow for her fashion. She makes everything look effortless. The print on this set is absolutely perfect, it almost gives it a vintage vibe and there is so little midriff showing that it almost looks like this is one piece. It's flawless.
The last look is a little more bold and playful, but there are some things I like about it. She went with a fuller skirt, so even though it's shorter it's not obnoxious. The top is also fuller and flowy, it's not painted on, keeping it at just the right amount of playfulness.

Here are some of my picks for the trend:
I love this print and I love the full sleeve on the top.
This one teeters on the "it's a little too much," side, but the print is pretty and I really think, given the right event, it could be pulled off.
Kate Spade Saturday Sweater Set:
Sweater material, need I say more?
Cheetah Set:
I want to hate this set, I really do. It screams tacky and obnoxious, but for some reason I think it's awesome. Would I buy it? Would I wear it? Probably not, but I can't help being attracted to it's heinousness. :)
Blue Sweater Set:
Here we are with a shorter skirt, but it's a full skirt and not too short. It has capped sleeves and the print is cool. I dig it.

Fun, right? Maybe not something all of us are going to go out looking for right away...or maybe even ever, but they're fun regardless.
Boy this was a wordy post, wasn't it? Sorry about that! Have a great day, all!
Melissa Loren

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