Monday, February 24, 2014

Gifts for the new mommas

It seems like everyone around me is getting ready to give birth or did within the last few weeks. I know 6 women that were due in February alone! Having given birth just a few months ago, I have everything fresh in my mind. From what my friends brought me, to what I desperately needed(or wanted). Not having been through it before, I didn't expect friends to bring me things and be there for me the way that they were. I had never done this for my friends who already had babies. How inconsiderate, I know. I'm ashamed, but you just don't really know or understand until you've been through it. Thankfully, now I know what my friends will go through and what might help them get by afterwards. Sometimes it's the simplest gestures that get them through the hardest stages, it was for me anyway.
A friend coming over and listening to me while I cried and vented and doubted myself. A friend bringing me starbucks, so a little bit of caffeine could get me through the day. A friend just visiting because they care, they love you and they want to be a part of your child's life. You can't ever replace these intimate moments. Nothing beats just being there for someone, but there are a few tangible items you can bring to help a new momma out.
Here's my list:
From above:
*A cute nightgown would be great. Something to keep her feeling a little hot and not so frumpy. A nice stretch would be great for the nursing mom.
*Nail polish, because eventually she will want to start taking care of herself and a pop of color is a great pick me up.
*A yummy candle. She will have guests coming in and out and it's nice to have a scent to cover up the spit up, poo and breast milk. Plus she'll eventually get to enjoy a bath...
*A Starbucks gift card. Bonus points if you just bring her her favorite coffee or offer to watch the baby while she goes to get one.
*A cute water mug. Breastfeeding or not, after a few days in the hospital, a gal will need some water. She needs to stay hydrated and sometimes those hospital mugs are a bit ridiculous. It's just fun to have something new and cute.
*Hand sanitizer with a cute holder. With all of the visitors coming through it's nice to have sanitizer on hand. I like the travel style so I can attach it to the diaper bag. I love that little lamb holder.
*Thank you cards. Bonus points again if you fill out the return address for her and throw in a book of stamps. The proud mommas like me may want to do this on their own, but will totally appreciate this gesture once they realize they have no time and the gifts are piling up.

Now for the nitty gritty:
Pads: Ridiculous, I know, but the truth is, we need them after birth. We bleed for weeks and it sucks getting out to go buy them.
Snacks: The healthy, easy to eat on the go kind. Think snack bars or individually wrapped items.
Yoga Pants: You really just want to be comfortable after what you've been through.
Diapers: Even if they're going cloth it's nice to have some on hand, just incase. If you can, try and find out what brand they're using.
Stool Softeners: It might seem too personal, but again, these are things that we don't think about and it really sucks having to get out and pick them up. Maybe only do this for your really close momma friends?
A Hot Meal: Sometimes the very best thing you can do is just drop all of these things off and be on your way. Seems harsh, but sometimes a momma is too exhausted to "entertain."
The Basics: Nipple cream, gripe water, nursing pads, nursing tanks, bendy straws, dry shampoo, wine...
itunes gift card: Just because. Maybe she will want some music or maybe she'll need some new mommy apps?
Like I mentioned above, nothing compares to just being there for a friend. They will treasure you listening to them in their time of need forever, but if you feel like you need to take a little something, this is a good place to start.
Melissa Loren


  1. Yes, all of the above are priceless when you are in the midst of brand new mommyhood. Not to be TMI but another nitty gritty item for me and a bunch of my friends was Tucks. Sorry, gross, but we went through those things like nobody's business!
    Angela :)

  2. These are wonderful suggestions! Pinning :)


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