Monday, February 3, 2014

Henry Harper at 3 Months:

Henry the ham celebrated turning 3 months old on Saturday!

Three months. This is where things really start to change, right? If not, it seems like they are...

Henry is a babbling fool. He blah-blahs at everyone he sees. My favorite is when we're running errands in the car and I can hear him talking to himself in the back seat. 

He refuses a paci, but recently he has really taken to his fingers. Sometimes it's just one and sometimes he squeezes all four in there. haha. You can hear him smacking on those in the back seat, too.

Right now we're in a stage where loud noises make Henry jump more than ever. With that he instantly starts crying like he's been traumatized for life.

He has decided, for the time being, that he hates the car seat and the stroller. Hopefully this is just a phase that will only last a few days.

Right after he turned 2 months(about 9 weeks) he rolled over for the first time! We were lucky enough to record it. If you follow me on instagram {@Kourtney_Shotz}, you may have seen it! He did it for a couple of weeks, but he hasn't done it again for a while.

Now, he's really acting like he wants to sit up on his own. It probably won't be too long...

He's still nursing like a rockstar and still sleeping in his own room.

And...The boy LOVES to be naked. Silly boy.

I think that about sums it up at this point. 
Melissa Loren 

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