Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Joy of Postpartum.

I had a few friends warn me about the epic hair loss that you (may) experience after childbirth. Per the usual, I hoped I would be exempt from this lovely experience. WHY? WHY, do always think that I'll get lucky and avoid these terrible symptoms!?
I've always had a few hairs straggling here and there. Well, more than just here or there. Kory usually has to take scissors to the vacuum to cut the tangled webs of hair, to avoid a dramatic death by hairs vacuum explosion. 
However, NOTHING compares to the shedding that's going on over here. I'm like a Labrador Retriever. When I'm in the shower, I run my hand through my hair and my hand comes out looking like it belongs to big foot. This has made the swirls or hair slapped onto the shower wall even more enjoyable for my husband. That's the only logical place for those puppies, right? HA. 
Right about the time that Henry was about to hit the 3 month mark, my hair started falling out. So, about a week ago for me. I noticed it right away. It just keeps out clump by clump. 
It all has to do with your hormones and your hair growth phases. It's basically inevitable, but luckily it's temporary and thank goodness I have plenty of hair.  
All my pregnant mamas, enjoy that luscious hair while you can. They say to invest in a detangling brush and good shampoo. I am so bad about shampoo. I always use tresemme(ooo la la!), I've since invested in a better shampoo and conditioner. This is a sensitive time for your hair and for some of us, we feel like it's all we've got going for us at this point, so take care of it! :)
Oh, they say everything should be back to normal between the 6 and 12 month stages. There's hope!
Melissa Loren


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