Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10/52 + 11/52

Last week was a little bit insane around here. Adjusting to daylight savings time has been a little tricky. It changed our schedule after having an amazing first week back to work. Week two wasn't bad, but we had to figure a few things out to get back in a good routine. All of this meant that I didn't get around to posting Henry's 10/52 photo. I know you guys we're totally crushed, so I give you my sincerest apologies. ;) And I'm here today to make sure I make it up to you. You get last week's photo and this week's photo. YIPPEE! 
I cannot believe how well my guy is sitting up. He for sure can't be left alone (duh), but he is making some serious progress. Contrary to this picture, I feel like sometimes less is more for babies. The only thing that really makes my sugar super happy is when I'm down on the floor singing to him or playing with him...(he appreciates a good walk/hike, too). I will use my iphone to play music so we can sing and dance, he enjoys that so much. BUT, I wanted to say that that puppy in the background is pretty awesome. It was a gift and Henry loves it. Probably because it sings. I don't mind it because it also teaches him the ABCs, colors and a few other things.
This guy. I think he's been watching his daddy.
Random thought. What size was/is your baby wearing at 4 months? Henry is already in 6 months and outgrowing some of those. He's in the 31st percentile for height and weight, so I'm baffled.
I'd love to see your 52 weeks photos. Tag me on Instagram(@Kourtney_Shotz) or leave them on the Love Like Johnny and June facebook page!
Melissa Loren

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