Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm not about that Starbucks life...

...anymore, that is. I'm not exactly sure when it went down, but at some point I fell prey to daily Starbucks. DAILY. Hit the drive-thru-every-single-day, daily. SO BAD. I used to hate coffee. bleh, I thought it was so gross and so "grown up." Somewhere around the time I started having to commute to a 7 am college chemistry class was when I decided it wasn't too bad. It was still very occasional back then, though, like once every few months. When my mom and I opened the bigger restaurant location, I was working crazy hours and I needed a little pick me up from time to time to get me through the grueling hours. We're still talking once, maybe twice, a week. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed to watch my caffeine intake, but I'd treat myself every couple of months. THEN I had a baby. I thought I was deprived of sleep before...hahahahahahahaHA. Once I had said baby, a friend brought me a venti, half-caff pumpkin spice latte. BEST PICK ME UP EVER. It made me feel like I could conquer the world. I had energy, I wasn't tired and it tasted so, so good. Ever since that day it's like I have a tiny green mermaid on my shoulder. An evil little mermaid telling me I "need" the caffeine fix and I "need" a green straw in my drink. That's the worst part, it's all in my head. I don't need caffeine. I've never needed caffeine. I'm exhausted, I am, but that's really no excuse. I am done giving Starbucks $5 a day and I'm done taking the extra 230 calories from them! So there, I'm no longer about that Starbucks life. Who's with me!? What should I do with my extra 5 bucks a day??

While googling the calorie content of my favorite drink, I may have coincidently came across a video tutorial on how to make my favorite drink and I may have watched it. I don't have a problem though, I promise. Maybe that's my answer...an espresso machine in my home. Maybe that's where my 5 bucks should go, I'll save up for a machine??

NO. I don't need caffeine. I need water. H2O. Quality H2O. I want to start thinking about shedding some of this baby weight, so it's time to ditch the heavy coffee. The fatty, delicious coffees are my favorite. Which is unfortunate. If only I could drink black coffee. Back to what I was saying, who's with me on ditching the caffeine?

How's that for the most random post ever? :) HEE.
Melissa Loren


  1. I'm in the middle of this gentle cleanse and replaced my morning coffee with a glass of warm water with lemon (which is supposed to be amazing for your health...plus, it's an extra glass of water every day!). I don't know if I'll ditch caffeine permanently but it's working for now ;)

    1. Yeah, I will definitely still treat myself. I drink lemon water all day long, it's my favorite. I've never had it warm, however. I'll have to give that a go! :)


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