Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good ol momma banter...

Just a few mom things that I've noticed recently...

-My rate of googling things has almost flatlined. I googled EVERYTHING in the beginning. Looking back, I think it just made me worry more and over think everything. Now I just follow my gut...orrrr call a friend.

-I just think about nursing Henry and the flood gates open.

-I remember how just a few weeks ago I would stress like crazy if we took Henry somewhere. Is he going to cry? What will I do if he does? Will I need to unload my cart? Do I just leave the cart stranded and make a mad dash to the car? Now I'm all, he's a baby, he's bound to cry. Give me an evil look and I'll trip you. Just kidding. Sort of. :)

-About those shopping long before Target yells at me for putting my shopping items in the bottom of Henry's stroller instead?

-I never imagined I'd be so intrigued by sucking boogers out of someone. It's like a challenge, though, and I like it. HA. :) I'm sure I'll regret sharing that. 

-Same goes for baby poop. Who knew we would be investigating poop so often??

-Does the whole "Sleep when baby sleeps" rule still apply or are you supposed to have your shit together by four months? 

-I wonder how many miles I've added to the jeep since November? Hashtag lots of long drives. Hashtag Henry needs a nap. 

-Bathtime isn't so scary anymore. Actually Henry loves taking a bath. It's so intimidating when they have no control of their tiny bodies and you're 100% responsible for them. Now Henry talks the whole time and tries to eat his washcloth!

-Why don't more places have a drive-thru?? What happened to full service gas stations?? Can we bring those back?

-Will I ever again shower daily?
I look awful, but hey, this is real life,people. 
Melissa Loren


  1. Lol amen!!! I feel the same about all of those.

  2. #canigetmyboyfriendtodrivemearoundforanap ? Seriously, car naps are the BEST!


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