Sunday, March 2, 2014

Month 4 Must Haves

Playard Sophie Teether Exersaucer Bathtub Humidifier Nosefrida

These last few weeks have probably been the most fun up to this point. We're really starting to see a personality develop and we're getting tons of smiles and giggles. Henry is becoming a little more independent these days, meaning we can put him down for more than .5 seconds and he'll entertain himself for a little bit. He loves to talk to himself and play with his feet. Usually they go straight to his mouth, along with everything else. We've also been testing the waters with his swaddle, we're slowly trying to wean him of it. His reflexes are really calming down and his fingers have become his best soother, so we can't keep them strapped down. The boy LOVES bath time. He talks and smiles the entire time. I have a feeling we're not too far away from bath toys!! Which brings me to the first item on our must haves. We have the 4moms bath tub, but trust me, you do not need something that expensive. I do like it, but I think we could've gone with something simpler and more affordable. Number 2 is the sophie teether, as I mentioned before, everything goes straight to the mouth. This one is easy for Henry to hold onto which is great. The humidifier and nosefrida might be seasonal, but they've gotten us through this terrible winter. The nosefrida is much more efficient than the regular bulb they send you home with. It really gets the boogs outta there. :) We just recently opened up Henry's playard and everyday I wonder why we didn't open it up sooner. It's great for living room diaper changes and it's Henry's favorite place to hang out. The playard is the only place H will hang out by himself for any length of time. When we picked out a playard we thought we wouldn't use it much and we felt like they all did the same thing, so why would we splurge on one? We were wrong about how much we'd use it, but I still feel like they all do the same thing. I'm glad we didn't splurge on this item. It was actually the cheapest one they had and it's perfect (and gender neutral...just incase!)! An exersaucer is the last thing on my list for this stage. Henry will stare and laugh at those birds, it's so cute. We don't get more than about 7 minutes out of this, but I think it's great for Henry to look at and touch. I think he'll really enjoy it in the next few weeks.
My absolute favorite thing to do at this stage is to put Henry on his quilt, play music on my iPhone and sing to him. He's reactions make me think that it's his favorite too. He goes nuts when momma sings to him. I love it.
That's it at this point. We're in a really fun stage and I can't wait to see what's in store...
Melissa Loren

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