Sunday, March 30, 2014

{Weekend Fun}

It was another absolutely beautiful weekend. We had some sunshine and the temps were a little bit warmer. I can't wait until the warmer temps are here to stay. Henry absolutely loves being outdoors, so it's nice to have great weather so he can get out and explore. Saturday was kind a momentous day in the Schartz household. We left the house at 830 am and didn't get home until close to Henry's bedtime! That has never happened since we've had Henry. He usually doesn't last an entire day. Well he usually doesn't nap so easily, so that helped. Our home is lovely and it's so nice to be at home, but it was VERY refreshing to be out and about for a full day. I love to be active and on the go, so that's been a little different for me with baby here. We started the morning with Starbucks (oops), a car wash and then we hit this awesome Under Armour sale. Most items included in the sale are misprints or leftovers from large corporations or sporting events, but there was a ton of MIZZOU shirts and workout gear, so I was pumped. After that we met my brother and his fiance at our moms for lunch. Henry is a HUGE fan of his future Aunt, he couldn't stop flirting with her. After that it was a hike with my boys while we looked for deer sheds. We didn't have any luck, but Henry had himself a little tiger snooze so it was worth it. Then our friends talked us into having a couple of drinks on their patio-twist our arms! The weather was too perfect to pass up an adult beverage and Henry was content, so why not!? I hope you guys got out and enjoyed the weekend!

Melissa Loren

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