Thursday, April 17, 2014

{After Baby Swimwear + My Favorite Bikini Picks}

Well, I've talked here and there about my post-baby body. I try to stay away from the subject because I really think I need to be easy on myself. This body grew, and birthed a baby. It's truly a miracle and I'm proud of my body, SO I'm giving myself some time. It really does change your entire body though, it did mine anyway. It's weird, it's not so much my belly that I'm insecure about, it's my hips and my "love handles." I did pretty good during my time being pregnant, I watched what I ate and exercised which resulted in a 20 pound weight gain. But my body was still altered and my hips are definitely where I grew the most. Anyway, as a new mom I want a suit that is going to be practical and not make the little kids at the pool point and laugh ;). Just kidding, but I do want something secure and supportive. There are definitely some two pieces that will provide that (see below), but I think I'll ease into summer with a one piece. At the same time, I don't want my suit to scream "MOM," I still want to be fashionable. Number 2 is my absolute favorite, I have to get my hands on that suit!
1.Black & White Polka Dot // 3.Splendid Striped Underwire // 6.Zinke Peplum  // 5.Black & White Striped Bandeau // 4.Floral // 8.Ted Baker Navy T-Striped  // 7. J. Crew Neon Bandeau // 2.Anthro Floral

And for the bikini lovers...because I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give up on them just yet. These are maybe a little more modest than the usual contenders? Also, WHY are suits so expensive? It's ridiculous. 
BCA Polka Dot // Mara Hoffman Cosmic // Zinke Loren // Pink Lips // Pink Ruffle // Black and Gray // Floral

What kind of suit are you opting for this season? One piece, two piece? Solid, or print? 
I can't wait to hit the pool with H-man!
Melissa Loren 


  1. I love the 1 piece #2....I tried ordering a few from j.crew this year and realized I needed to try on in person. I ended up finding a really cute one at marshalls of all places! Definitely in the 1-piece camp after having two kids ;)

  2. All those are sexy and specially the no. 3 is looks beautiful. I hope if anyone wear this she would be more beautiful as well. I was seeking this types of beautiful bikini for me. Thanks!
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  3. Can't wait to get one for me now! Especially no 2 is awesome I mean and it would be fit perfectly in my body as well. If anyone need cute and beautiful escort just go London escort agency now for checking. Thanks!!!


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