Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{Henry Harper: Five Months}

At 5 months...
Henry pants like a dog when he's super excited. And I can't get enough of it. 

He has starting napping better. This took lots of chats with the big guy, I think. 

If you say, "oooone, twoooo, threeeee," to him, he will give you the biggest smile ever. This is a great trick for pictures. ;)

I'm convinced that he understands the signs for eat, sleep and bath. When you sign any of these to him he smiles and gets crazy excited (he loves all 3!). 

No matter what he's doing, if I say KISS, Henry will stop and let me kiss his little lippies. He even takes the fingers out of his mouth for momma's kisses!!

He's so close to sitting up without any help at all. He is also feeding himself. Well, when he feels like it anyway. Which is totally fine, I don't want him to not need us at all. 

When he nurses, though. Oh my. He has wandering eyes. He is so distracted by everything. He does back bends, plays with his feet and switches to his fingers from time to time. Silly boy. 

He is the most ticklish right under his armpits and gives the sweetest squeals when you get him there. 

The trick to a quick sleep in the car is a cracked window. He loves the extra bit of sound, the windy sound that the highway causes...that I hate. Anything for a good sleep, though. :)

He's starting to figure out how to move himself backwards. He's not crawling, but he can wiggle and use his arm strength enough to move back. 

He is becoming more and more interested in Tego, as she becomes less interested in him. HA. She's not to keen on the hair pulling. I don't blame her, I'm not a huge fan myself. He he. 

At this point, anything Henry does becomes something that I write down. He melts my heart day after day. We spend our days snuggling and laughing at one another. Sometimes I get sad that he's getting bigger. Things have gotten easier, the older he's gotten, but time is a constant reminder that these moments don't last forever. This sweet, innocent guy won't always fit in my arms. I pray that no matter his size, he'll always know that momma's here. 
Melissa Loren

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