Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mother's Day Wish List

My first Mother's Day is fast approaching. While I don't expect anything, and certainly nothing tangible, I still thought it would be fun to put together a WISH list. You could definitely add a pedicure or a hot bath to this list. ;) 
Since having Henry, I haven't put much thought into myself. I rarely get dressed up, doing my hair consists of a pony and I've gotten my makeup routine down to four minutes. I won't even touch the baby weight topic, I'm giving myself some time on that one. With that being said, that's why I have a few items to wear on my list. I miss dressing up, but nothing fits, so a little clothing splurge would be amaze. I wanted to add a few pairs of heels, but let's be honest-they just aren't practical these days! Flats for this lady. Can you believe I've never owned a pair of Chucks? They'd be super cute with that KC (thanks Jennifer!) tee and some boyfriend jeans. Spring weather also has me itching to clean and fix things up around the house. I have been watching that Crate and Barrel kitchen island for months and months, hoping it will go on sale. No luck, yet. I would also love to have a new bedspread for our room. I started redecorating our bedroom a while ago and never finished. 
These things are fun to make for the blog, but in all honesty, a day with my boys is all I need. A warm, sunny day would be a bonus.
Melissa Loren


  1. That polka dot sheath dress is on my wishlist right now!

  2. It's so cute, Alissa! Too bad it's not part of the $98 sale!


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