Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{Something So Sweet}

You guys. Has anyone ever done something so sweet for you that it brought you to tears? The happiest tears ever? I have to share what a friend did for me, because it was incredible and I would recommend taking the time to do this for someone special in your life. We all know that I documented my pregnancy here on the blog. I took weekly photos, shared my weekly stats and shared numerous pregnancy updates/posts. I shared posts announcing our pregnancy, announcing the gender of the baby, I shared my worries over becoming a momma, even Kory shared a post about becoming a dad! These stats, photos and posts were so special to me. But what happens as time goes by? I didn't print any of my pregnancy photos. I never print my posts. So as the days go by and the posts keep coming, older posts just get lost in the mix. I haven't and probably wouldn't go back through the blog and look up my pregnancy posts.

This is where that really special thing that brought me to tears comes in. My sweet friend made a scrapbook documenting my ENTIRE pregnancy. From the party where we told our friends and family that we were pregnant, all the way to the day we brought Henry home. It was so detailed. The announcement we mailed out, flowers from the baby shower, my weekly photos AND stats, my most intimate posts, she included all of these things. She also added pages that she had people sign at the shower, giving us their love and advice. She even included Henry's birth story.

I knew she was making this scrapbook for me. It took her my entire pregnancy and then some to complete it. I had know idea just how special this would really be to me, though. I seriously found myself in tears as I looked back through my pregnancy and read my posts. It's so crazy to read those posts now, after being a momma for five months. I don't know if you guys are with me, or if I'm even relaying to you JUST how much I love this gift. It's easily one of the best gifts I've ever received. I can only imagine how much time and energy went into it. I am ever so thankful for it and will cherish it forever. If you're ever looking for something that will really surprise someone and be meaningful to them-something along these lines should be at the top of your list!

I know I said I haven't gone back and looked at my post, and I haven't, until now. I know a lot of you are new around here, so I thought I would share some of the posts she included in my scrapbook and some of my favorite pregnancy posts! Be sure to check them out, or refresh your mind, it's been almost a year for some!

Contentment ---> I was such a happy pregnant lady. :)

I'm sorry about the picture quality but here's a few pics from the scrapbook!
Melissa Loren

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