Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trying to cut out the unnecessary.

Growing up, I always had to have a job. I was taught that money doesn't grow on trees and that I had to earn things in life. BUT, I was also given a lot, too. I worked, I had good grades and I kept up with my sports, therefore my parents "treated" me a lot. I always had nice things and I rarely heard, 'no," especially if I had some of my own money to chip in. Sometimes I feel like I was given too much. I feel this way, because as I get older I want, want, want. The reality, though, is that I can't have everything I want. 

We're going to the lake soon and this automatically kick starts my need to buy things. I need a new suit, I need a new swim cover, new sunnies, you get the point. I like to refer to this as the "keeping up with the Joneses syndrome." I mean, I'm not really trying to keep up with anyone, but you guys get what I'm saying. Forget the the 10,000 suits I have in the drawer (yes they're high enough in numbers that they get a space to call their own). Forget my swim covers and the endless sunnies. WHY do I always need something new? 

How do you guys resist the temptation when you want things that you don't really need?

I remind myself that I cut back at work for a reason. For my son. I want our time together to be full and memorable. So when life throws me an urge to buy frivolous things, I don't. It is hard though. This year I really want to work on cutting out the things that don't have real purpose in my life. If they don't inspire me, or motivate me, or bring joy to my life, then I don't need them.
Because my time with this cutie is far more important than the things that can be bought. 
Melissa Loren
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  1. I am just going to admit that right now I am super selfish with my money and I am constantly trying to keep up with someone else, not be bored or just buy stuff.

  2. Alissa, it's so hard not to! At least for me! I'm glad I'm not alone. I literally have to avoid Target. I go for diapers and end up spending $70!

  3. It's such a hard adjustment. Since my budget has gotten a lot smaller, it's been hard to tell myself no. We'll figure out, somehow!

    BTW your skin looks AMAZING!


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