Sunday, April 27, 2014


We took our second big road trip with H this weekend. The trip was a little bit shorter this time (just a little), but there was definitely a difference from 3 months to 6 months! Henry was still an absolute peach. He traveled like a champ. We weren't able to leave early on Friday like we usually would, so I was concerned about messing up his sleep schedule, but it worked out. He slept from 4-6 and when he woke up at 6 I hopped in the back and played with him and fed him. He usually goes down at 7, but we weren't there in time. He ended up going down around 9 and slept until 6:30. CHAMP. I was also worried because he's been sleeping in his crib for a month or more and we have to put him in the pack n' play, but he took to that, as well.  He slept in the room we were staying in, which was weird because he hasn't slept in our room since he was a week old (we're tough, I know). I caught myself staring at him and just wanting to snuggle him. I knew better than to wake him though. :) It was really nice to have him in our room again. He's so precious. 
Anyway, we went to my husband's brother's house at Grand Lake. It was a gorgeous weekend and the view is spectacular. Henry got to spend some time with his cousins and oh my goodness he loved them! They were so good with him. They loved on him and played with him. Henry was is Heaven. 
The only downfall was that we left all of his bath items behind!! The tub, Mr. Quackers, the soap, all of it!! BUT that meant Henry was able to take his first big boy bath. He took a bath in the big tub and he squealed and splashed and laughed like he never has before! He is a splish-splashin' fool!
I can't wait to take Henry back and actually get him in the water and on the boat!!
 Have a great Monday, Friends!
Melissa Loren


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