Monday, May 19, 2014


I've definitely been slacking on getting my weekly photos up on the blog. We've just had so much going on lately. Which reminds me...with summer coming up and with my hands full with a growing baby boy, I will probably cut back a smidge here on the bloggy. I may only post 3 times a week or so. Sometimes it just becomes overwhelming. I'm really focusing on my boys and I really want to focus on my health. Each of those seem easy enough, but I really think cutting back my online time will really allow me to focus on making myself healthy and happy for my sweet family! 
 "Rolls for Days"
Henry has really started to chunk up and I just can't get enough of his rolls. Those baby socks, too.
 "Diaper Swag"
Haha I thought this was too cute. H is so cute in his little sweats. He's a little athlete in the making! He's looking up admiring his daddy, which makes this photo even better.
"Bath Time Noms"
I've mentioned before that Henry is in the big boy tub now. We ditched the baby tub when we left it behind on a road trip last month. He scoots all over the tub chasing after his bath toys. He's been teething like crazy so I think chewing on his rubber animals is soothing to his gums.

That's it for today. I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. I'll hopefully be back soon with a recap of our weekend.
Melissa Loren

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