Friday, May 30, 2014

21/52: I got a little windy on this one...

Another post about the baby. I'm sorry! I promise I have some things lined up for next week that AREN'T baby related. Shocking, I know! I want to make sure I stay semi caught up on the 52 weeks project so that's what's up for today. 
Can you guys believe how big my once-so-tiny-and-fuzzy-baby is getting!? He'll be 7 months old in just 2 days. *gasps* Seven months ago we brought this little fuzz head home. We had no clue what we were doing. Neither of us had ever changed a diaper before. We'd barely even ever held babies before. We were like zombies going through the motions, whipping out a boob when needed, wiping poo out of tiny crevices and pacing our home until we wore a path into the carpet. I remember since I was breastfeeding I felt like Kory didn't need to do anything and that he should sleep and I should tend to the baby elsewhere. Some nights I'd sleep in the guest room with H so we wouldn't disturb daddy. I'm not sure why I felt like I needed to do it all. Kory most definitely did not make me feel this way, it was just something, some sort of mommy-guilt maybe?, that lingered in my mind forever. I finally got to a point where I accepted and pleaded for more help from my husband and it was really best for everyone. There will be no such "guilt" or way of thinking with baby #2. I will accept all of the help my hubby offers right away! All hands on deck. They say it takes a village, but we only have each other, so we need to do all that we can for one another in this parenting gig. 
**Mommas, our husbands aren't babysitters. They're our partners and they're FATHERS. Don't be afraid to let them help or even ask for their help. We can't do it all. We can, but we don't have to. This is 50/50. And honestly, sometimes they don't know that we need help. Even if you're sending every signal and evil eye their way, they need you to actually say the words. ;)
We wouldn't ever go out after 6 o'clock (truthfully we still don't very often), we wouldn't eat together and we'd quickly fall sleep, barely saying goodnight to each other. I remember crying to my girl friend, the one who got me through those first few weeks, I told her everything was different in our relationship. At the time it felt like we'd never be the same again. I feared we'd never again have time for US. She assured me that this happens and things become normal again after some time. 
Thankfully they do, because I love my husband so much. I love how funny he is and how we have so many inside jokes to laugh at. I love walking around the house and slapping each other on the butt while saying good game! I love holding hands just to hold hands. 
Yesterday was Kory's birthday and this is how ordinary, yet blissful our evening was. Kory got home from work and we actually went out to eat. Henry was an absolute doll. He sat in the high chair and looked around at everyone and everything soaking up all of the Ooos and Awwws he received. We devoured our yummy Pad Thai and headed out. Henry was surprisingly pleasant still, so we decided to head to walmart to grab him a baby pool for this weekend. Afterwards we headed home and it was time for Henry's bath and bottle. After we put him down we poured ourselves some drinks and sat on the front porch. We took selfies we laughed, we talked about our days and man it felt good. Hanging out with my husband laughing and talking is the best. That man makes me so very happy and I'm so glad that the three of us have found our groove. I'm grateful that the little things are what make me the happiest. I'm convinced that all I need in this life is my boys. 
Wow, I really got off on a tangent there didn't I? Haha. My point is that this stage is pretty awesome. I'm holding onto it as long as I can. 
I hope you guys get out and enjoy a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!
Melissa Loren


  1. All I know is you are a kick ass mom and you need to remember that.

  2. Tanged maybe, but who cares that is why I love your blog. Giving in honest perspective about your life is nothing to be sorry for. My husband and I went through the same thing after we had Gabrielle. I was on mission and he was either in my way or not there enough. I swear its crazy mommy brain. Eventually the dust will settle and you will have a new norm. Good luck its easier the second time around!

    1. The dust definitely settles! I feel like I'm not helping anyone if I'm not honest and truthful with how hard this role really can be! I'm glad you keep reading. :)


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