Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And then there's days like today...

I read somewhere once, during those early months of motherhood, that children can sense that you've had enough and will ease up on you just when you think you're about to break. I can't remember where I read that. It was one of the nights I was mindlessly searching the web for answers, I'm sure. In my experience, since I'm so well-versed in motherhood, I have found this to be true. We will have several bad (and by bad I mean restless, fussy and all of the other characteristics that babies tend to have.) days in a row. They will be so intense that I wonder how I will ever make it through the next meal or nap time, let alone the next day. Then all of a sudden there's days like today. 
Days that remind you that you're a damn good momma. Days that remind you that you can rock this job better than anyone else. Days that remind you why you wanted and children and that there is hope and prayers for a baby #2 (eventually). Days where you feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way, you can do it all if you need to. It's almost like Henry and the big guy just know I need a break, I need a reminder, a sign. And things are right in the world again. 
I watch Henry as he begins to learn how to crawl. I lay there while he slobbers all over my face while simultaneously giving me raspberries on my cheeks. I watch him as he struggles to find relief from the pains of teething. He cries and reaches for me, but temporarily finds comfort in sucking on his two fingers to soothe himself.
I easily get frustrated with his neediness and clinginess, and I get upset with myself for being that way. Because, really, what better things do I have to do? Nothing in this world is more important than him, he deserves my full and undivided attention. He can't help that his teeth hurt or that it's a frustrating process to learn a new concept like crawling. He's just a tiny guy in this big world and all he knows is his momma's love and he needs it most.
Days like today remind me of that. 

You can't tell, but Henry is giving my face a raspberry facial in that pic, while we both laugh hysterically. Nothing better, y'all.
Have a WONDERFUL day, folks!
Melissa Loren

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