Sunday, May 4, 2014

{my} summer essentials...

Summer, summer, summertime!!! It's finally here, well almost anyway! I don't think I've ever wanted a summer more than I've wanted this one! Seriously. #worstwinterever 
I am so grateful for beautiful weather, I will never, never ever, take it for granted again. Henry and I go on walks everyday, I bought some flowers and I'm ready to start planting them and our house is being painted. (!!!) So many reasons to be thankful for a new season.
With all of the excitement brewing I can't help but think of a few fun things for summer. Like that koozie, for starters. Kory and I used to be known for carrying our koozies around with us, even at the bars (you know, back when we used to do that sort of thing)! The bright colors on this one are so fun and I love how the bottom says, "bottoms up."  I have had my Hello Sunshine Phone Case for far too long and that b&w striped one is calling my name. It's perfect for me. I definitely want that mama shirt for Mother's Day, it's the cutest. And I'll take that necklace while you're at it, Kory. ;) Seriously though, isn't she beautiful? It comes it several colors, it was a tough choice between this one and the citron one. I'm digging subtle hints of neon this season. Subtle. I'm kind of over the long sheer over a mini skirt look, but the color on this one is gorgeous and the price is right! I have these newbies in the neon orange and pink, but I'd love a second pair. Their easy for moving around with Henry and since I'm working on my fitness, it'd be nice to have a pair to run in.
These are so fun, don't you think?
What are your summer must-haves? Other than an ice cold beverage and a lawn chair?
Melissa Loren


  1. my post tomorrow is literally about a pleated skirt similar to that. Which I have bought it in two colors because I have no shame. Woops.

  2. i love them all... totally want the tennis shoes.. I would be totally motivated to work out in those!
    xo Jessica


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