Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We haven't had a photo dump in a while, so why not today? I thought I'd share a few pics and explain where I've been recently. We haven't been doing anything too crazy, I've just been miserably sick and I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Since I've been sick, catching up on extra sleep has been all I've wanted to do. So I've been at least resting when Henry naps, which turns out if awful for the blog, and our home. What. a. mess.
This is what sickness looks like...except it ended in an antibiotic. Womp womp.
We've also been dealing with this. Not so much dealing, we're lucky enough to have my dad paint our house, free of charge of course. It's looking a little ombre right now. Ha. The bottom color is the new color. I love it so much.
These are some of the colors we're debating for the front door.
Oh, and we're also dealing with this guy. Seriously? Why? Henry is never going outside again.
Speaking of Henry, this little 6 month old can pull himself up in his crib. Munchkin.
BUT we got him one of these jumpers and he's too short. All of his little toes can't quite reach. Hopefully in a few weeks he'll be bouncing his little heart out.
He's a big fan of shopping now that we've ditched the car seat/stroller combo. He loves looking around and riding in the cart like a big boy. :)
 Swinging is apparently also something that he loves to do like a big boy. We're going to need one of these for our yard!
Target run, Herny's fave. ;)
Momma and Henry before a dear friend's baby shower.
 "I come up?" Henry is going to be SUCH a dare devil! He is pulling up on everything and he's even daring enough to pull his hands away to try to stand on his own. It is so never-wrecking. My hands are going to be so busy. Even busier than they already have been!

I've caught you up on life lately. I told you, nothing incredible has happened. We've just been a house full of sickies. Thankfully Henry never got sick (knock on wood?). He has been a champ and I'm seriously so grateful. Some days I swear he knew momma wasn't feeling well so he took it easy on me. Sweet little guy.
I hope you all had  fabulous Memorial Weekend and celebrated those who make is possible for us to celebrate!
Melissa Loren


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  2. Oh my gosh...please paint your front door that bright orange-y color in the middle, the one on the swirly shaped paper!!! Soooo cool!

    1. Hi there! It's definitely in the running! :) So glad you like it.


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