Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Six Month Must Haves}

I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts that 6 months is a game changer, but for me it is so crazy to see how far Henry and I have come. He smiles at me and it hurts. I love him so much that it hurts! He has me wrapped around his finger and there's not a thing I would change. His dimples and his ornery little grins always get the best of me. 
I cannot tell you how much fun it is to sit and chat and play with this boy. He is so full of personality and I can see the little boy brewing inside of him. He's already yearning to be adventurous and push the limits. I am really going to have to brace myself and hold on tight!!
At this point, Henry is sitting up on his own and we have started some solids. The pediatrician gave us the green light and he was showing major interest in everything we were eating, so we decided to go ahead and introduce some purees. We've done prunes, strawberries + apples, squash + sweet potato, spinach and avocado. So far he isn't picky at all, which doesn't surprise me with the way mom and dad eat. :)
He loves to sit and play with his piano. It teaches him numbers, colors and animals in English, French and Spanish which is pretty fun. He'll play with this for upwards of 30 minutes and I'll fully admit that it has been great for me. Most of the time he prefers to just chew on it, but he's smiling and laughing so I'm not going to rain on his parade.
I'm pretty sure I've had the ERGO on here already, but I can't live without this item. We go on walks every single day and Henry LOVES to be carried in it. There's also those times where we're out and about running errands for extended periods of time and rather than keep him trapped in his car seat, I get him out and carry him on me. It's a win for everyone. Huge lifesaver around these parts!
We've established an amazing nighttime routine (I always knock on wood) and I love the consistency it brings to our lives. I was missing that in the beginning, but that's part of having a newborn. I like to keep Henry in a sleep sack at night for two reasons, 1) So he recognizes that it's bedtime and 2) So his little legs don't go through the crib slots. It still gives him the room he needs to move about and get comfy, too AND it's like a built in blanket. It's perfect!
Henry is still in size 2 diapers, but we were having trouble at night with some leaking. Washing the sheets and his sleeper everyday is just not fun, nor is it ideal. With a few tips from other mommas we decided to try going up a size at night. We tried the 3's for nighttime and they worked like magic! Also, several people have asked me about the Target brand diapers, I personally love them. They work well for us. Henry doesn't have any allergies or sensitivities, so we don't have to worry about that. They're the most affordable that we've seen and they always have specials plus if you use the Cartwheel App you get an added discount. They work for our family, so we've stuck with them!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Melissa Loren

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  1. I absolutely love the target brand! !! I have tried almost every and there my favorite. There way cheaper, then u get cartwheel and an additional 5 % for putting it on target credit card; )!!!


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