Monday, May 12, 2014

{Summer Shoes Roundup}

Today I have just a few of my favorite shoes for summer! 
It's time to get a pedicure and shave our legs! Oh wait, is it just me that hibernates in the winter? I can't be alone in that? HA. 
I obviously will be rocking as many slip-ons and sneakers as possible, but before my car seat-carrying days I LOVED a good chunky heel and a wedge. So that's what I've rounded up for you, my favorite chunky heels, my favorite sneakers and my favorite wedges. 
 {1 // 2 // 3 // 4}
Chunky heels are one of my favorites because I feel like they add a retro/vintage vibe to an outfit and really who doesn't love that? For me they tend to be more comfortable too, with the extra support. Neon for the win this season and I have to get those booties ASAP!
 {1 // 2 // 3 // 4}
I practically live in these now. Not practically, I do. I just can't imagine toting around a baby, a diaper bag and whatever else I need in heels. Eventually, hopefully, but not just yet. Luckily the market is swimming with gorgeous fashion tennies. And thanks to the boyfriend jean, there never was a more perfect match...and I can shave a little less frequently. :) You're not limited to jeans though, fashion tennies are a great match for a casual summer dress!
{1// 2 // 3 // 4}
Last but not least, the wedge. Again, slightly more comfortable than your sky-high stiletto heel. I'm really into all of the strappy wedges that are out there this season. I'm also clearly loving the browns. That first pair of sole society wedges are to die. I want to pair those with something right now!

What is your go-to style for summer? Do you prefer flats? Are you guys loving the fashion sneaker trend as much as I am? Seriously I am rebuilding my shoe collection, one fashion sneaker at a time. 
Melissa Loren

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