Monday, May 12, 2014

{Weekend Fun}

Well this weekend was full of fun! Henry has pushed his first tooth through and he's working on another one, so he was a bit on edge, but overall he had a pretty good weekend. We kicked friday off with burgers and ice cream at HiBoy with my best friend and her sweet family. Henry was decked out in his HiBoy gear. I really think he should be the face of the brand, don't you guys agree? Heehee. 
Saturday involved our usual Target and Starbucks run and major play time. Note: I think I've gotten Kory hooked on Starbucks. Winning? I'd say so. It's pretty major. Now he'll have to stop giving me those condescending looks, because he'll be racing me to the car instead. 
This guy is growing way too fast. It's definitely time to remove the bassinet portion of the pack n' play. We also need to lower his crib, he's figured out how to pull himself to a standing position. This boy is craycray. He is ridiculously strong and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. #boymomproblems
Henry isn't too sure about that baby in the mirror...
Orrr that silly momma. :)
In other news we're painting our house and I really want to pick a pop of color for the front door. I'm leaning towards the bottom right blue, but the oranges and greens are so fun. What do you guys think? 
My first Mother's Day was lovely. Henry and Kory made me a beautiful card and picked me out a new pair of Newbies(New Balance tennies). We had breakfast with my parents. It was PACKED and Henry had to last much longer than he would usually have to. He was amazing though. He smiled, laughed and played like a big boy.
After breakfast he fell asleep hard. So hard that I could rub his little face, stroke his hair and kiss his cheekies. This almost never happens, since Henry is such a light sleeper, so I took advantage of it. While Henry napped with Dad, Gigi and I went flower shopping. We both enjoy gardening so we picked out a few plants for our yards. Afterwards we all met my brother and his fiance at one of our favorite restaurants for a Mother's Day lunch. Henry was a rockstar again and I enjoyed some delicious peach sangria and OBG pasta! Spending my first Mother's Day with my family is exactly the way I wanted it. It couldn't have been better!
I hope you all had an amazing weekend and if you're a momma I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself yesterday. We do a lot as mommas (really, we do!), so it was well-deserved!
Melissa Loren

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