Thursday, June 26, 2014

{4th of July for Momma and Mini}

I just love getting Hen all decked out for the holidays and we only have a few left before he starts repeating them! He was born right before Thanksgiving so he's already had his first round of "big" holidays. 
I have a few of my favorite 4th duds for the little ones, today. Shoes are apparently a hot item this year. Those Freshly Picked Moccs, I'm drooling. They're my favorite because they're gender neutral. I also couldn't help but laugh at that freedom tee. :)
{{Cotton Shorts // Star Sneakers // Star Rashguard // Americana Sandals // Hot Dog Tee // Henley // High Tops // Heart Flag Tee // Moccs}}

I've done a TON of baby stuff lately so I didn't want to leave us ladies out. It says momma and mini, but obviously these are for all of the ladies! I think I could say something about every item I picked because I adore them all. They all have a few things in common, they're comfortable, relaxed and simple...but super cute and fun. And festive! hashtag holiday win. If I had to pick a fave I think I'd go with the tank top, what about you?
{{Raglan Tee // Stride of Pride Tank // Sunnies // Summer Dress // Polish}}
Melissa Loren

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