Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Plenty of people know this, but many don't...before I met Kory I never wanted to be married and I thought I didn't want children (at least I hadn't pictured myself there, yet). All of that changed when I started dating Kory and as I grew to love him. I knew before he asked me out that I was going to marry him. His everything changed my outlook on love, and life, and family. I couldn't wait to start our life together. Of course I wanted children with this man! What a waste of wonderful, beautiful genes that would be. 

I've always loved Kory with my whole heart, but there is definitely a spot hidden deep down in your being that comes barreling through when your husband becomes a father. 

Those pregnant months that your husband spends taking care of you, rubbing your feet and fetching you ice cream, that's just a slice of what's to come. 

For me, that hidden spot started to barrel through during delivery. To have Kory standing there encouraging me and soothing me was everything. To see the look in his eyes, knowing that he was wishing he could take away my pain, gave me the strength I needed to push through. 

Kory never faltered. From the moment Henry arrived, Kory couldn't get enough. He jumped right in and started changing diapers, swaddling and rocking. He would sing so sweetly and so beautifully to Henry. 
*your husband will run away with your heart the moment you hear him singing a love song from your favorite band, to your newborn baby. Randy Rogers FTW. 

Kory has been an amazing father from the beginning and I never doubted that he would be, but one thing that is mesmerizing to me, is the kind of husband he has become since becoming a father. 

Taking care of Henry came easy to Kory. He's a natural. He just has that deep fatherly love and it's perfect. But I truly appreciate all that Kory has done for me in these last 7 months. He would come home on his lunch break to relieve me. He'd bring me lunch or let me rest. When he got home from work he'd take over and let me rest if needed. We'd take turns trying to calm Henry when he was losing his marbles. He even took over the nighttime bottle so that I could have some time to myself at the end of the day. He loved me unconditionally. He never left me alone in this gig.
Just as I said in the beginning, Kory's everything changed my outlook. There's not really a quality that Kory is lacking. He is loving and nurturing to Henry and he's tender and sincere with me. He is the reason I wanted to have children. He is a reason for me to be thankful, happy and grateful everyday. He is everything. A husband. A father. A humble, loving man. 

Happy (early) First Father's Day, Kory Lane. You're so deserving, my love.
Melissa Loren

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