Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Henry at 7 Months

  • He has two teeth (bottom center).

  • He crawls ALL over the place. He now follows me to the the laundry the bathroom...

  • He's attempting to stand on his own, and he's actually pretty damn good at it. Scary. 

  • He's eating SOME (like very rarely) big boy foods. Avocados, bananas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes...

  • He's totally ticklish. 

  • He laughs at everything. 

  • He hates the car seat. 

  • He LOVES riding in shopping carts. 

  • Music is his favorite. 

  • Technically, momma is his favorite, but he thinks music is pretty rad. 

  • When he's tired he pulls up on me (or dad) and nuzzles his little head right into my chest. Are we on our way to being a snuggler?? I pray!

  • He must have some new teeth coming in and they're sure giving him some trouble. :(

  • Henry's crinkly nose is in full force. He slowed down for a while because he had a super stuff nose, but his nose is clear now and he's back at it. It's my absolute favorite. Have I told you guys about it?

  • I am 100% convinced that Henry will be an early walker. Kory and I are pretty close to putting our money on the next 3 weeks! GASP! What will I do then?? Can you imagine your wittle baby WALKING at 8 months? Gah!

There is your daily dose of Henry. I know you're heartbroken when you go too long without.
Melissa Loren

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  1. He is just too cute!
    I was walking about 8 months. My mom said it was ridiculous! I think my daughter was 9 or 10 months (is it horrible I don't remember?) but I don't think you'll ever be quite ready no matter how early or late it is.


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