Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm just stopping in for a quick post today. We had some important plans last night, so I wasn't home to catch up on blogging.

It is so heartbreaking, as a mother, to know your child is in pain. Even if it's something as basic as teething or having a tough baby poop. They're clingy and they look to you to take away the pain. You know what's wrong, but there's nothing you can do but be there for them. You hold them tight, whisper in their ear that you love them and just let them lean on you.
In those newborn weeks they cry and cry and cry and sometimes you just want them to stop crying. It seems like they're crying for absolutely no reason. 
As they get older, you learn more about them and you're able to read the signs. You know when they're going through a growth spurt, when they're cutting a tooth or when they just need some extra attention. Henry was ATTACHED to me for the first 5 months of his life. Only in the last month and a half has he become a little more independent. He can play on his own while I cook dinner. But the last few days he has demanded my attention again. 
It makes me so proud that I know why. I know he's going through a leap (growing and learning something new). I know he's got a tooth wanting to pop through. I know that he needs his momma. 
I know he hasn't been feeling well. Probably a fever caused by the teething. He isn't sleeping well, probably because of the pain and being overtired. 
Rather than get frustrated (which honestly can be easy), I've learned the signs to watch for. I know his sensitivities and what could be bothering him. So I love when he clings to me and needs some extra snuggles. I can't take away his pain but I can help him through it and I'm thankful for that. I love being here for him.
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  1. Poor little guy I hope he feels better soon. I know teething all too well. Bryson started teething at 3 months. The doctors at first told me that was too early I'm like his kid is chewin on his hands and drooling like no other. Then I took him in again the next week because it just wouldn't stop being fussy and they were like yep he's deff teething. Next thing ya know a tooth popped up. He also got 4 teeth at one time. That was hell. I had to call in for reinforcements because I couldn't calm him. It was awful. Needless to say he had a full mouth of teeth early lol. I used those oral swabs where you break them and the medicine goes into the Cotton part. It was easier to get it directly where it needed to be because you could just rub it on there. And Tylenol and lots of cuddles and cries together lol. Good luck dear I hope he feels better. Teething is no fun

  2. He's so cute- I hope he gets to feeling better soon. That's amazing how, as a mother, you start to learn + be able to guess what's the likely cause of your baby's fever/mood/etc. even though they can't really communicate it. A beautiful thing! :)



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