Thursday, June 5, 2014

{Seven Month Must Haves}

Things are really starting to liven up around here. Day after day Henry continues to amaze me as he learns more and develops the cutest personality. This stinker is so ornery and so smart. He already knows how to grin and giggle his way out of things! I've said it too many times already, but I am going to be in trouble with this one. His hamminess is too much. He's already testing the limits, in the cutest, sweetest ways. At this stage things are really becoming fun. There's lots of playing and lots of moving. There's a lot of toys on here, but that's what we do these days. We sprawl out all over the floor and we build and Henry climbs (on me) and we just sit there entertaining each other all day long. It's so much fun. Once they start sitting up on their own, crawling, pulling up and interacting with you, things become so awesome. I love this stage. I'm pretty sure I shared with you guys already that Henry is crawling. If not, well, he is. He is a crawling machine. Which is why I have the outlet covers on here. We haven't fully baby-proofed yet, but we did find it necessary at this point to cover the outlets. 
Of course we have bath toys, lots of them, because this is still one of Henry's very favorite things to do. Which is awesome, we love it too.
Blocks and this giraffe will entertain Henry for quite some time. Of course I have to be building right there with him, but that's ok. :) 
We like to put ice and occasionally watermelon in those fresh food feeders, for fun and to help with teething. They're easy for Henry to hold onto and there's no fear of him choking. We also feed Henry prunes everyday and this boon squirt spoon is so handy. It's great for on the go because it comes with a cover.
If you're close to this stage or past this stage, what were your favorite items?? Any that I should know of for upcoming months?
I just know that these next few months are going to be incredible, but I also know they're going to fly by. We're over half way to Henry's first birthday. Tear. :(
Have a great day, friends!
Melissa Loren

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  1. My Scout is almost 7 months, so I can relate to this post. Not really- she's a rat terrier puppy and absolutely worships the devil, so there's that! Ha. I'm sure Henry is muuuuuch better behaved than my little furry hellion. :)



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