Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{Swimming with a Baby}

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I was able to take my little man to the pool on Monday. We're pretty lucky (here in Missouri) to live about 4 minutes from a pretty awesome water park. It's not super big, which is the best part, but it has a lazy river, slides, a leisure pool and a designated baby/toddler area.
Of course I was wary of taking a seven month old to the the sun...and the heat...
BUT, I'm sharing this post incase you're worried yourself. It will be perfectly ok, just pack accordingly, relax and have some fun!!
We're also lucky that our pool allows you to bring your own cooler, so you can pack snacks, water, lunch, whatever you need!
Here's my tips, for what they're worth. Most are common sense, but us first time mommas can really have some big ole brain farts!
We went right after Henry's morning nap. Mid-morning is when Henry is at his prime. I fed him quickly after his nap. I slipped on his swim diaper and then put him in his rash guard. (H's hat and rash guard are both from Target, I think they're sold out though.) Then we loaded up and made our treacherous 4-minute drive. :)
Once we were there, I laid out some towels and I loaded little buddy up with lots of sunscreen!! Then we hopped right it! Like I said above, they have a designated baby/toddler area and it's nice and shallow in that area. So I sat in the water with him and we played and splashed away. We took a break to drink some water and cool off in the shade. We shared some peaches and mandarin oranges and then we were ready for some more fun. We did a couple laps in the lazy river and then we were both ready for some real food and a nap. 
I put H back in a regular diaper and put him in a regular onesie and we were ready to go. Everything was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I tend to over think things and this time I didn't. I just relaxed and enjoyed myself, and it really paid off. When we got home Henry ate and napped for two hours and ten minutes. I'd say the vitamin D did it's job. HA.
We were only there for about an hour and a half, but it was definitely worth it to get outside and have some fun. I don't think he needed to be there any longer than that. I didn't want to risk a sunburn or anything else that might be harsh on a little baby.

A hat
Swim diaper
Snacks for you and babe if they're eating solids
Formula, breast milk, or yourself (we went between feedings so we were set, just incase though)
A cover if you need one and plan to feed there
Towels-one for you and one for you babe (these were great as a blanket too!)
Water bottle for you, sippy cup if your little one takes one
Spare outfit (to get them out of the wet clothes)

You really don't need much, just the basics. It's mostly items that we already keep in our diaper bag. :) It was such a fun time. I can't wait to go again, and take dad with us next time!
Melissa Loren


  1. Not sure if you still have your cloth diapers, but they can be used as swim diapers! Just don't add the insert :)

    1. I kept a few! Good to know! I could've save $10! HA :) at least we have extras now. Thanks, Lacy!


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