Tuesday, July 15, 2014

8 Months Must Haves

It has taken me something like 8 days to get this post written. Why, you ask?? I really have no idea! Henry is even more mobile these days, work has been crazy and at night I really just want to spend time with my hubbs. Priorities, people. I love this blog, but family first, always, don't you agree? Anyway here's my post in all it's glory, better late than never, eh?
For the 8 month milestone there isn't really anything extraordinary or unique, but there are items that prove there are major changes happening in Henry's development!
First up, Henry's new convertible car seat. It was a bit nerve-wrecking at first. It's so big and such an expense, is H ready, am I ready? Here's the scoop though, it fits 5-45 pounds rear facing, 20-80 pounds forward-facing and up to 120 pounds in the booster. It will last us a very long time, so the price seemed worth it. Especially since Buy Buy Baby price matches to Amazon. Hello $359.99 car seat for $249.99! That was awesome news. It seems silly now, but I was so worried that not having his car seat to tote him around in would be tough, but I haven't even looked back. He loves sitting in his stroller or the shopping cart. It was a great change.
Since I stopped breastfeeding, we've started introducing some solids. This is where the high chair has come into play. Henry eats puffs (which are also on our must-haves!) like they're going out of style and some pureed fruits and veggies. It's nice to have the high chair so H can sit with us during meals. This one converts into a booster as well, so it'll grow with us.
Seriously on the puffs though, this kid LOVES them. He has even learned to feed them to himself. We recently discovered the target brand and that's what we've switched to.
I have always said that I think Henry would be an early walker and I still stand by that. He is so strong and he already moves from one piece of furniture to another. We don't personally have this walker, but I'd love to get something similar as soon as possible. If you have any recommendations, please share! 
And I just added this blanket buddy, because Henry recently discovered his and his loves the silky part. We always take that and his singing puppy along in the car.
If you're at this point, or past it, what am I missing? What were your must-haves? 
Eight months is such a fun age. I can't get over it. 
PS- We're 3 "friends" away from doing a giveaway on our FACEBOOK page!!
PSS- Is there anything you guys are missing here? Anything you'd really like to read about??
Melissa Loren


  1. The link for the carseat doesn't work. I'd love to know which one it is!!

    1. That's weird! Here's a link:

  2. Cool! I've been thinking about getting the next car seat. I'll check yours out.

    1. We (us and Henry) LOVE the new car seat. It has been great! Make sure you price match!! Don't pay the full price!!

  3. The carseat link didn't work for me either! I have a nine month old and we have GOT to try puffs. She eats a lot of things but hasn't figured out her pincher yet - so puffs sound like good practice! We have this walker:


    And she has loved it since she was itty bitty. The front comes off and it lights up with music. She'll stand and play with it. Walk around with it, etc. We will have gotten a lot of use out of it. I know there are tons of good ones though!


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