Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{Henry is 8 Months!}

I want to take 8 months, wrap it up in safe, cozy place, and keep it forever. I know I've said things like this before, but this is undeniably my favorite stage. 
  • We have some MAJOR separation anxiety problems. Henry will only willing stay with myself, my husband or my mom. Anyone else and they're chopped liver.
  • We've introduced some solids, including puffs. It seems silly, but it melts my heart to watch him learn how to get the puffs into his mouth. He uses his left hand and his right, but he's definitely better with his right. He opens his mouth like a baby bird stretching for a worm, while he fumbles to get his fingers around the puff and bring it to his little teefers.-it's the cutest thing ever.
  • He crawls like crazy, but he's been doing that since a few days before he turned 6 months. The funny part is when he bear crawls on the hardwood floors because they're not as soft as the carpet. This kid is so smart and so hilarious.
  • He isn't walking or taking any steps on his own yet (that would be crazy), but he is pulling up on everything (you can't leave him alone with his high chair) and he can walk around things that he's holding onto. The coffee table is his favorite to pull up and walk around.
  • He's becoming more comfortable and learning how to put himself to sleep even when he's not at home. This is just incredible to me for some reason. It's a little bit of a relief.
  • Henry has the fattest, chunky monkey feet EVER!!! His piggies are the cutest though.
  • I can't say that he has officially said momma, yet, but it sure sounds like he's saying it sometimes! Mostly when he's upset, is when I think I hear it. I swear I hear it sometimes.
  • He has 2 teeth (and golly are they sharp!) and he is working on a third.
  • He's officially in 9 month clothes, which is absolutely heartbreaking. 
  • Henry has always loved his daddy, but he has really taken to him in the last month or so, begging for his attention and demanding that he play with him. I just love to watch those two together.
  • He still goes to town with his crinkly nose, I'll be totally content if that sticks around forever.
  • Henry has started "dancing." When music is playing he bobs up and down and rocks back and forth, while he grins and giggles.
  • He has the sweetest dovetails, a sure sign that he's going to have some curly/wavy hair like both of his parents.
  • He loves to be outside. He loves the sun. He loves the water. He loves the hose. He hates the grass, but otherwise he loves to be outdoors.
  • He is my little sunshine. I just love spending our days together.
Also, he's basically a toddler now...
He's getting SO big!
Happy day, friends.
Melissa Loren


  1. 8 months is such a FUN age! I have three boys Melissa (10,8,5) and I do miss those baby days :), enjoy!

  2. 8 months and just as cute as ever!


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