Friday, July 18, 2014

Momma & Son Date

I've had a couple of extra days off this week and they've been great. I'm certain I'd be great at being a stay at home momma. I mean, I only work a few hours a day, so I'm a little bit of both, but it would be great to stay home with Henry all of the time. Which is a far cry from what I would've said about 5 months ago. I wasn't ready to go back to work, but I didn't know how H and I would make it through all of the long days at home. He has such a personality now and we can actually "play" together. We can even go out in public together. HA. Today Henry and I went out to lunch, ALONE. Just the two of us. I had the diaper bag ready, I made sure I packed snacks and toys and I had a bottle ready just incase. When we got there I put the diaper bag around me, I grabbed the high chair cover and I unloaded Henry. I went to the counter and ordered (Five Guys, nothing too fancy), put our stuff down, walked over and grabbed a high chair, covered it, grabbed my cup and filled my drink. We came back to the table and I put Henry in the high chair. I pulled out a few puffs for him and got my straw in my drink. By the time I finished all of this, they called our number. I grabbed H, we grabbed the food and we came back to the table. I ate my burger and Henry looked all around, stuffing as many puffs as he could into his mouth. I watched him, as he looked around, grinning at anyone who would grin back at him. I couldn't help but smile. I was proud. I am proud. I'm proud of the mother I'm growing into, even if it took me a little while to get the hang of things. I'm proud of the son that we're raising. I'm proud that he is so happy and content. I'm proud that grabbing a burger and fries with my babe no longer feels like a major feat. I know it all seems so simple, and really it, but toting a child around by yourself out in public can be daunting. All my fear is gone these days. Well as far as worrying about other people goes, all of those fears are gone. Henry has taught me to relax. To let go. Not to sweat the small stuff. He brings a peace to my soul that is so refreshing. I'm thankful for him. I'm learning from him every day. It's amazing to me how happy something as simple as a date with my son can make me. Our date was absolute perfection. I hope Henry will always go on "dates" with his momma. <3
Love you, toots.
Melissa Loren

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