Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{Things You Should Be Buying at Target}

{Pillows // Flats // Rug // Elephant Teether // Jumper // Patio Set // Shorts // Tank}

Target, my heart. What is it about Target? I have seriously avoided Target for 3 weeks to make sure that I don't spend any money. We buy our diapers and formula there so it's usually inevitable. Luckily I stocked up big time at their last sale and it'll be at least 7 more days before we need more formula and hopefully a couple or a few months before we need diapers again. I couldn't resist a TYSBBAT post though. :)
I won't go through a whole spiel about each item like I usually do. I'll just say that I love that patio set and those outdoor pillows would be so cute on the chairs. That jumper is the cutest summer piece (pair it with some super cute sneaks, like chuck's). If you can find those flats in your size, hop on it because they're on major clearance and leopard is basically a neutral so you can wear them with everything! I added the teething toy that is target's knock off of Sophie, because it's so adorable and so much more affordable. Of course since I've been busting my butt in the gym I had to add some cute gear! I love that those shorts have compressions on the inside (if you've ever hit the gym, you know why!). 
What have you spotted at Target recently? Any good deals?? Do share!!
Melissa Loren

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  1. If I did a post like this, it would be called, "117 Things You Should Buy at Target" haha. Their Champion workout gear is some of the best quality and at a great price!


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