Monday, July 7, 2014


This weekend was one to add to the books. Who doesn't love a 3-day weekend? Weekends are just so much more exciting these days, and I've really come to loathe Mondays. Even though I'm still off, we hate seeing dad go to work.
I was really nervous about the 4th this year. I hate fireworks, I love the 4th of July and I love to watch fireworks, but I like to keep a good distance between us. I was more nervous that they would disrupt Henry's naps and nighttime routine. It just happened that most of our neighbors took off for the fourth, so the neighborhood was actually eerily quiet. Henry slept straight through the fireworks that did go off-woo hoo! We spent most of the day hanging out at home, taking it easy. We went to the pool just for a bit and then we went to a fun shindig at our neighbors. How nice is it to have GOOD neighbors? Especially when you have a baby! It makes hanging out a little easier and more relaxed, because if there's a problem or a sleepy baby, you can just run home real quick! :)
Saturday we headed out to a new shopping area called Prairie Fire. It's a cool area that has a new Natural History museum, fun places to eat and a lot of boutique-style shops. The museum was so cool, is it not a legit piece of art? 
We have this ongoing joke that Kory doesn't know how to NOT chug anything that he drinks. Be it water or a beer, it'll be gone in 2.5 seconds. In this pic we are maybe 7 minutes from the Starbucks. My latte vs. his frappuccino. Nuts, rights?
 How about that face in the first pool pic?? The notorious crinkle nose that I hope never goes away. :) Also, don't worry, I'm retiring those awful neon sunnies-I never realized how unflattering they are. Bleh. Sunday we spent the day at the pool, after Kory cooked us breakfast of course! H LOVES the water. We need to get him in swim lessons, asap! 
It was an epic weekend indeed and I'm already looking forward to next weekend!
What was the best part of your weekend??
Melissa Loren

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