Monday, July 14, 2014


HOLY WEEKEND! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that Kory's brother and sister in law invited us back down for another weekend at their amazing house on Grand Lake. For the first time ever I didn't stress about taking Henry with us. I'm learning to just go with the flow and let things happened. Last trip he struggled just a little bit sleeping in his pack n play, so we ordered a pack n play mattress from amazon to make it easier on him this time. It was perfect! This kid continued sleeping through the night and even took a THREE hour nap Saturday morning. Cray. He was awake nearly the entire time on the ride down there and on the ride home, but you'd never know it. He just hung out and played with his rings and his puppy dog. It is so crazy to have a babe that is old enough to push buttons on his favorite puppy dog and entertain himself in the back seat. It blows my mind. He is growing up so fast. I loved randomly hearing "If you're happy and you know it..." ring out from the back seat. 
Henry loved the lake. We were actually able to get him in the water this time. He wasn't sure about the life vest, but as long as he was in the water he was fine with it. No one thinks life jackets are comfortable, Henry, but safety first! It was so fun to see the fam and have all of the cousins together. The big kids cannot get enough of Henry, they LOVE him. It's the most heartwarming thing ever.
Momma even got to enjoy a few moments alone and with the girls. Put me on a raft and beer me. And Dad got to enjoy a few boat rides and surf! Happy family, happy life. ;)
The only trouble we had with Henry all weekend was on the way home. Our sweets hadn't pooped all weekend and it finally happened on our drive home. He struggled a little bit and he was really needed some momma lovens. We pulled over to change him and and squeeze in some snuggles. Afterwards, we were back on the road and he was back to being his happy self! :)
Sorry about the picture overload, it was just an epic weekend. How was yours?
Melissa Loren


  1. What an amazing weekend! :) Glad you guys had a good trip!


  2. They snaps are all so great! Looks like it was a great time :)

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