Friday, August 1, 2014

39 Weeks vs. 39 Weeks

Wow, I mean, just wow. I thought 39 weeks of pregnancy went by fast. 39 weeks of motherhood definitely takes the cake. 
This time last year we were squeezing in our last moments as a family of 2 ( which weren't taken seriously enough. :) ), I was praying that we'd have a baby in October, and we were finishing any last details to prep for our new baby. We were so full of anticipation and excitement. We had NO idea what were in for. 
Our lives changed so drastically 39 weeks ago. Becoming a family of three was our best decision. I think we both can agree that we couldn't imagine life without Henry. 
As we sat in on Henry's 9 month appointment I was in complete awe. He was so mobile, so inquisitive, he was doing things that impressed the pediatrician so much, she said he was doing things 18 month olds do. 
We're raising a human being. That's what the last 39 weeks have been all about. Raising, loving, teaching a tiny human. Our tiny human. 
It's incredible what this kind of love can do to you. 
I hope today, and the rest of his days, Henry knows how utterly in love with him we are and that we do our very best for him every second, of every day. 
Melissa Loren

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