Thursday, August 7, 2014

{9 Month Henry}

(Photos are a little harder at 9 months. :)  Hehe.) 

Henry turned 9 months old last Friday. It feels like in my life before Henry, time stood still. Now, I blink and a week has gone by, a month, almost a full year. Day after day, leap after leap, time is passing by and reminding me how precious these moments are. A thousands treasures could never replace this time with my son. I see him growing every day. He's finding his voice, he's using his walker and he's even taken to pushing his high chair around the kitchen(?). As I rock him to sleep at night, he's fresh out of the bath, so his hair mimics that of a baby orangutan or a cabbage patch kid. It's summer so the daylight is still creeping in ever so softly and I stare at those eyes that are like honey, a soft, golden brown and those lips, his momma's lips and I sing to him...

...You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

...You make me happy, when skies are grey...

...You'll never know dear, how much I love you...

That boy, Henry Harper, he keeps me going. I live for that kid. 

I think I've said it every time, but this stage is my favorite, he's still a baby, dependent on his momma, but with so much personality!

He laughs. 

He cries to get what he wants-it doesn't always work though. ;)

He snuggles his stuffed animals. 

He snuggles his momma and his daddy. 

He pulls up. 

He crawls with one leg while scooting with the other. We call that move the Quasi. 

He dances. 

He holds his bottle with both hands...and both feet. 

He's working on waving and clapping. 

He gets into all of the cabinets. 

He's bashful and flirty. 

He smiles and flashes those killer dimples. 

His hair is growing longer and proving that dovetails(curls) are the cutest thing ever. 

He loves walks around the neighborhood in his stroller. He laughs so hard when we pass the boxer puppies up the street. 

He makes messes. Boy does he make messes. 

Most importantly, he makes my heart happy. 
Happy 9 months, Henry Harper!

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  1. So, so precious! I loved the video of him pushing his chair - look out!

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