Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{9 Month Must Haves}

Walker Tupperware Cabinet Locks Sippy Cup Mega Blocks

The must haves are getting a little lame around here, but that's NO indication of the fun we're having! Henry is a go-getter. There is never a moment to rest around here. Such is the life of a boy momma, I suppose? Since day one Henry has been on the move. He wanted to be paced all around the house when he was a tiny baby. Now, he still must be on the move. Whether he's crawling all over the place or pushing his walker all over Tego's paw, he's always the happiest on the go. Hence the reason for the walker pictured above. However, recently he discovered our coffee table has wheels and he now prefers to push that all over the dang living room. Another preferred choice of mobility for our son is to get a book under each hand and scoot those all around the house. So really we don't need to buy him any toys, ever. Which I'll reinforce with my next two items...
My new way to get things done in the kitchen is to let H crawl around and play in there with me. This of course meant safety locks on the dangerous cabinets. We have one cabinet for cleaning supplies, so we locked her up. I read somewhere that it is nice to make your little ones feel involved in the kitchen and to give them some utensils to play with while you cook. The article (I wish I could remember which one, maybe Everday Parents?) suggested dedicating a cabinet to your babe. A cabinet at their level obviously and one that has objects they can pull out safely and play with. I thought this was genius, so I did a little rearranging and put some of our hardcore kitchen gear in the pantry and moved my tupperware to the lower cabinet that H always gets into. Now he has an entire cabinet full of things he can get into and he LOVES it. The tupperware has been a lifesaver. He loves to pull it out and bang them together and slide around the room on them. Best free entertainment so far ;) and now I can prep my meals!
He does still love his mega blocks, though. Boys will be boys. He loves to bang them together and of course chew on them when his teeth are giving him trouble.
Last, but not least, Henry has been taking a sippy cup since he was about 4 months old. I'm hoping this will help us transition from the bottle. He's become quite the big boy and can hold it and drink from it all by himself. He can handle it at dinner, in the high chair and even in his car seat. Such a big boy. Tear. They grow up so fast. :(
Really the moral of the story here is that we're using less and less stuff. If I could hug the mommas who warned me and told me that less is more and we won't use have the stuff we buy, I would. Man were they so right. SOOO much stuff goes unused and wasted. The baby industry definitely has us fooled. Our little ones need a chance to be creative, they don't need a new gadget with every growth spurt. They need love and attention. They need communication and adventure.
While I have plastic toys listed just about every week, I must share that most of them are hand me downs or stuff that we have borrowed for the time being. The things that are most used by our little man are common household items that he uses his imagination to enjoy. Truth.
Happy Tuesday, friends!
Melissa Loren

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