Thursday, August 21, 2014

{Camo for Momma and Mini}

Maybe it's the whole being married to a hunter thing, but I could never have enough camo in my closet. It's like leopard to me, practically a neutral. It's a fun print that you can pair almost anything with and you can take it from day to night. Now, unlike my husband, I will never wear it head to toe. ;) You definitely want to keep it simple, maybe even just with a "pop" of camo. Like those fun studded flats, they'd add a nice pop to any outfit. 
I'm guilty of wearing camo all year 'round, which I don't think is a crime, but I am definitely reminded of the camo trend when fall rolls around. And guess what's going to be strolling into town any time now??? FALLLLL!!! My favorite. It's time for Henry and I to bust out the matching camo, grab a pumpkin spice latte and head to the pumpkin patch! Who's going with us? And who else is excited that the PSL is coming out tomorrow!? Good thing I have an early workout tomorrow so I have an excuse to swing by and pick one up! Plus I worked out so it's totally ok to drink one, right? Hehe. 
Where are you finding your favorite camo pieces right now? If you've spotted any cute pieces I'd love to know!
Melissa Loren

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