Thursday, August 28, 2014

{Fitness Fashion: Tennis Shoes}

Camo Newbies // Leopard Adidas // Teal Newbies // Coral Nikes // Custom Nike Frees

Lately it feels like my constant state of mind is, "give me all the tennis shoes. all of demmm!!!" I give mad praise and props to the mommas that can chase their kiddos around in heels. Me, though? It ain't happenin'. It's just not fun to be hot and in pain while carrying around a 20 pound baby and an equally as heavy diaper bag and then loading and unloading your child in and out of the car seat. Plus, most of the time we're just at home, so why would I be walking around the house in heels? I don't know either.
Then there's all that work out stuff, yada yada, I know you guys are sick of hearing about it. However, I practically live in workout clothes now, or at least cute/casual/comfy outfits, so to mix it up I like have a few different tennis shoe options. That way I still look put together and like I actually tried (most of the time there is close to zero effort, but no one needs to know that).
Pops of color are by far my favorite and I literally CANNOT get enough of the New Balances right now. There isn't a pair out there right now that I would say no to. They're my tennis shoe style crush, for sure. Nike is hanging in there too though. #2 is a custom pair that I designed on their website, which is super easy to do. Coral and mango are always at the top of my list so I thought #3 was too cute. I like the colors paired with the black too. #4 is kind of crazy, but I'd still rock them. I love how loud they are and of course the print is fab. #5 and #1 are it for me though. The floral camo on #1 is legit and that blue is maj. New Balance, you're doing it right, friends.
Which one is your favorite? Which brand suits your fitness level? Is there one that I should be checking out? Do tell!
Melissa Loren


  1. It's really hard to not freaking want a pair of tennis shoes in every color!

  2. I love cute workout gear, which for translates to: the brighter/louder, the BETTER. :)


  3. How fabulous are those leopard print shoes!?! I love them! New running shoes are on my wish list right now!

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