Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{Henry's Baptism}

This past weekend we had our sweet babe baptized. It was a little later than the norm, but hey, better late than never, right? I just wasn't ready or organized when he was first born. I was still coming into my own as a momma, so we decided to wait until we were all ready and could make it something special and enjoyable for all. It was a quick ceremony after mass and we only invited the Godparents, the grandparents and a couple of our closest family members. We wanted to keep the celebration simple and intimate and we achieved just that. Henry was a gem throughout the entire ceremony. He was a little squirmy at times, but that's to be expected from a 9 month old. :) He was happy the entire time and looked absolutely handsome. Afterwards we all did lunch at our favorite Kansas City Italian restaurant (go Anthony's!!), where we celebrated Henry a little more and got our grub on of course!

I want to thank my brother and my beautiful cousin, Kara, for stepping up to the plate and showing their love for our son. They're going to be amazing Godparents! We're ever so grateful. Thank you everyone else who joined us and made this day special for Henry. It was a big moment for him.
AND, my brother and his fiance asked Henry to be their ring bearer!! Can you imagine this little nugget in a tuxedo!? We are honored and totally excited!!!! (!!!!!!)
Melissa Loren


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