Sunday, August 3, 2014

{Henry's First Baseball Game...}

...outside of my belly. Pictured above is our trip to Kauffman last year. I was 8.5 months pregnant then. We had a suite and special passes to walk out on the field during batting practice. We even got to meet Hall of Famer, Willie Wilson. It was such a fun evening. 
Last Thursday, we partook in Family Night at the K with Kory's company. This time around, Henry was 8.5 months old! It's 100% different going to the game preggo versus having a baby in tow. 
Since we were tailgating before we had to make sure to bring along some of Henry's things. He's not just a sit back and watch kind of baby-never has been, so we have to be prepared everywhere we go. So, for tailgating we packed the stroller, a blanket, water and snacks for H. For the most part he was pretty cool with just hanging out, snacking and people watching. 
Once we were inside we had to go get Henry's "First Timer" certificate. At the Royals Stadium they print these cute certificates as a momento for your babe's first baseball game. Then it was off to the Little K to show Henry the kid's field, the carousel, the putting green and the splash pad! The Royals fan/kid experience is seriously legit. I'd talk about all of the amazing food we ate, but since I'm working on my fitness, I didn't have any. (Booooo) Finally, it was off to our seats, where we made it to the third inning. Henry sat and took it all in, but it was past his bedtime and he was starting to get squirmy. We called it a night and of course little bear passed out in the car. For the first time ever we were able to transfer him straight from the car seat to the crib and he stayed asleep. We were shocked and thrilled because we were exhausted! :)
My mom got Henry the cutest little royals outfit and our wonderful friends had Henry's custom Schartz jersey made and brought it to the hospital when H was first born. It was a perfect evening. :)
Melissa Loren


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