Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 5

I've started week 5 of 6 of working out at 5 am, 5 days a week. As I've said before, it has been so great for me. I've really enjoyed the "me" time and just getting back into fitness. It's boosted my confidence, my energy level and my attitude. I don't know if I'll ever want to quit these workout sessions. 

With all of that being said, I have a VERY important message for all of my ladies, my future mommas and most importantly, my new mommas. 


I gained 20 lbs in my pregnancy. That's pretty awesome, but most of it hung around after I gave birth and then some, once I was sitting at home all day and all that I could get my hands on were swiss cake rolls and chips. I didn't have a lot of hands helping me out when I first brought Henry home, so I just had to make due. 

So with my unhealthy eating habits, major lack of sleep and the stress of being a new mom, I really spiraled out of control. I of course started feeling down and wanted to make changes, but it was hard. How do you take time to get your body back when all you want to do is sleep or just enjoy a minute to yourself, doing nothing?

Could I have started working out sooner? The answer is yes, probably so, but I simply was not ready. There wasn't a definite sleeping pattern with Henry. We were still waking up multiple times a night to nurse. A day sleeping schedule was totally out the window, you know, since.he.never.napped!!! Nursing was also a factor since they say there shouldn't be any intense form of excercise while trying to maintain your milk supply. The pains of postpartum lingered far longer than I ever imagined. Stitches, clogged ducts and hemorrhoids, much? I could literally go on for days. They may all sound like excuses, and maybe they are, but they're damn good excuses. 

I waited 8 months to start this workout class. EIGHT months, ladies. Some will think that's an eternity, but to us mommas, 8 months is gone in the blink of an eye. I needed to wait. I needed to feel normal again. I need Henry in a definite sleeping pattern so that I would feel comfortable enough to leave, knowing that he wouldn't even know that I was gone. Which is why I go at 5 am, so that I'm sure to be home by the time my pumpkin wakes up. I didn't want to miss a second of him. I needed to know that my husband was ok with it and that he could manage daddy duties if for some reason Henry did wake up before I got back. Ultimately, waiting was good for me and I'm in such a good place now. 

So even though I've been flaunting my workouts all over social media, I want everyone to know why I waited and that it is more than ok to give yourself some grace and take.your.time. Focus on being a momma. Take care of yourself and love yourself, but do all things in moderation. Mommahood, and just life in general is a balancing act!

And with that, here are my week four results. Down 9 l-b's!
I cringe a little, but then I remember my beautiful baby that was in my tummy for almost 10 months and how hard I've worked in the last 9 months!

Melissa Loren


  1. You look amazing!! Keep up the hard work, results are definitely showing

  2. You look great!!! I Love you attitude about working out and giving yourself time to get there! I think sometimes being too hard on ourselves holds us back from getting where we want to be and you have a great outlook! You have inspired me through your instagram posts :) Keep it up girl!!

    Xo Jana

  3. Look at that toned stomach!!! So close to a double digit loss - you're a badass :)

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