Monday, August 11, 2014

{Workout Progress}

I told you guys that I was going to post updates on my baby weight loss journey and keep you posted on my 5 am workouts, to keep myself accountable. I just started week 4 of 6, so I thought it was time to share an update.

When I first started I weighed 146.9 and I'm happy to report that I'm down to 140. It's not much, but after 3 weeks of hard work, I'm pretty proud of myself. Small steps are totally ok in my book!
Week 1:
Week 2:
I realize that my selfies are super lame and I apologize for that, but I have to take progress pics! They're what keep me going. To see even the tiniest of improvement has been such a boost for me. It lights a fire in me to keep going and to keep challenging myself. 
The workouts have been absolutely amazing. The toughest is part is controlling my appetite, 100%, hands down. It's a struggle every day, even 3 weeks in, so no, it doesn't just take 2 weeks to break a habit. Just FYI. ;) Without the workouts though, I don't think I'd be as motivated or disciplined. It's been really awesome to see myself get stronger. I was always an athlete, I'm not really sure when I lost that, but it has been so good for my soul to get back into running and lifting weights. I've already seen major improvement in my belly fat, but honestly, the most fun has been to watch muscle definition come back in my arms and in my legs. Truthfully, in the beginning I just wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be skinny and rid of the baby weight. Now that I'm knee deep and really watching my body physically develop again, I just want to be strong. I want to be an athlete again, not just a skinny girl. I want to be able to have deep lungs to run around with my son and strong arms to throw him in the air. I want to be healthy and happy, for him. And myself, but he's a big part of my motivation. :)
I only have 2 weeks and 4 days left of my 6 week workout session. I plan to make the very most of these last few weeks and I hope to continue the class. I don't want to start seeing all of this definition to just lose it again. I want to keep going!!
Thanks for hanging out, guys. If you're following along, I sure do appreciate it!
Melissa Loren

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  1. GIRL, that is an incredible loss! Your starting photo compared to where you are now is phenomenal (and I thought you looked good before). Keep at it :)


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