Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{10 Month Must Haves}

Stacking Boats Lightning McQueen Moccs Sanitizer Storage Basket

Better late than never, right? It took a while to compile this list, because honestly there isn't a lot that we need right now. Other than the obvious, diapers, food, etc. The tiniest things entertain Henry right now. The things that he loves the most are the things that are in no way intended for him, or any baby for that matter. He loves the things he's not supposed to have. He loves drawers and cabinets and just putting items inside of things and taking them out. Is anyone else with me?
He does still love bath time. We received these Boon stacking boats in our (free trial) Citrus Lane box and they are perfect for my boy who loves baths and loves to play in the water.
I typically wouldn't buy a car like this for Henry, but my mom really wanted to get it for him and he absolutely adores it. He won't ride it yet, but he loves to push it around and push the buttons. It plays music and he luurrrves to dance to it. :)
We are starting to hit the phase where every toy has to come out, no matter what. I hate clutter. Hate it. I try to keep things minimized, but it's hard sometimes. Having decorative baskets in the living room to hold/hide the toys is a must at this point.
Sanitizer is my liiiiife. five for five dollars all day, errr day. Seriously, never leave home without it. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is perfection. It smells sooo yummy.
Month ten brought a whole new milestone. Henry is a full blown walker. His max has been about 20 steps, but that's pretty dang good. He's always been a strong little guy. Now that he's walking I really have to make sure we have shoes on him. I know I've blogged about Freshly Picked Moccs many times before, but they really are my favorite for early walkers. They're soft-soled, they leave room to grow and they go with everything! Oh, and they're really easy to get on and off, which is a HUGE bonus! I really want to get this Ebony pair for H, because black goes with everything.
I already talked about his car, but I do wish maybe we had gone with this Push Car, so that we wouldn't be breaking our backs to push him around. :)
That's it at this point. Pretty basic stuff, huh.
I'd love to hear your recommendations for 11 month olds!
Melissa Loren

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