Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Supplies Needed:
-Hemp cord (or anything that you can tie fabric around and hang)
This project is so ridiculously easy that you'll want to use every holiday/event as an excuse to make one! I hung this on my mantle along with my fall decor, but I actually plan on using it for Henry's first birthday party. If it was meant to be fall decor, I would've gone with more oranges and autumn colors!
Let's get started. 
So I bought a half yard of four different fabrics for my garland. You can do more or less depending on how long you want yours and how many different fabrics you want. I cut them in about 20" pieces. 20" long, 2 or so inches wide. I wasn't exact, I just guesstimated as I cut. 
As shown in the first picture, you're going to fold a strip in half and put it under your cord. Then you will pull the two bottom ends up through the hoop of fabric at the top. Once you pull it through, the fabric will create a knot around the cord, which is exactly what you want!
You can do a pattern or you can be as random as you want. I randomly placed mine around the cord. A pattern seemed a little too strict for me. 
Once you're done, hang it wherever you please! On your mantle, on a wall, on a mirror would be really cute!
Easy enough, right? 
 Annnd just this one because I'm obsessed with this candleholder :)
Have a lovely Tuesday, Friends!
Melissa Loren


  1. Where did you get that candleholder? I love it!

    1. Sydney, it's actually an antique from an Ohio shop. It's an old sugar cane mold, but if youre local I've seen similar holders at Nell Hill's from time to time!


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