Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{Henry's First Birthday Wish List}

I tried to hold out, but it's official, Henry's first birthday is ONE month away. It doesn't seem possible, but it's true. I'm way too excited to be sad. He's a happy, healthy boy and we've had an incredibly full year! So I'll just be grateful and not mourn over the fact that my baby is almost a toddler. 
This list probably looks insanely ridiculous, but I'm not even sorry about it. 
I've made a point not to overbuy or over do things for Henry. We only buy clothes as we need them, we don't buy mindless toys and overall we try to keep things simple. Rather than pay for daycare I cut WAAAAY back at work, which means we cut way back at home. We don't eat out much, we buy Henry's clothes at Target (which I realize sn't really a bad thing) and we don't spend much on ourselves these days. Which is exactly why I have so many items picked out for his big first birthday. I want to buy some of the clothes that I wouldn't usually splurge on.  I want to get him a couple of super fun toys, even if they will be outgrown sooner than later. I really want to treat him a little bit, and I thinks that's totally ok! Expensive shoes? Sure! A new denim top? Check! Polar bear rocker? Well why not! But seriously I might be buying those new balances as soon as I finish this! Haha. 
The links are provided for all of the items if there's something you're interested in! I can't believe we're 30 days away from having a one year old. My little All Saints Day baby. :)
Melissa Loren


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