Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{My Husband, the Father}

From the moment I met Kory I knew he was the one whom my heart would beat for until the end of time. He had a way with me. A way of patience, a way of passion & and a way of sincerity. The very same qualities that I see in him when he is with our son.

In the same way that Kory has taught me to be a better partner (it's true), he has also taught me to be a better mother. I look up to him, I really do. When I'm having a tough day or my patience is drained, I look at him for a breath of fresh air and a reminder that there's no need to be all worked up. 

You see, he doesn't lack the patience that I do. He doesn't get fired up in a hurry like I do. He doesn't get emotional about the little things. He's so great at letting things roll off his shoulders. How does he do that? Seriously, I need to figure out his tricks. :)
If Henry is cranky or fussy he doesn't get frustrated, he tries something different. And he literally keeps trying new things until Henry is happy. 

He doesn't avoid bedtime, he fights me for it. In fact, Kory put Henry to bed every night from about 2.5 months up until a couple of months ago. He did this without hesitation when I asked him to because I desperately needed a break and some me time at the end of each day. 

When we go places or go out to eat, he doesn't leave me as the responsible party. He helps feed Henry, carry him, entertain him, whatever needs to be done, he's my teammate. 
He helps with dinner, yard work, he even schedules doctor appointments for me. The man does it all. Happily and willingly. All while working full time and busting his bottom so that I can work part time and take care of our babe. 

I never doubted that Kory would be a good father. That was part of his allure. But gosh darn it I'm blown away. Every. Single. Day. His love for Henry is so unconditional. And it shows. You can tell when Henry looks at him, how much he loves his daddy and how loved he is in return. Henry lights up when Kory walks in the room, he knows what's up. To see that makes my heart full of love. 
I am so grateful for a man that knows how to be a dad and one that wants to be. There's no room for Kory on the sidelines, he wants to be the MVP and I so appreciate that. 
Kory picked me, and we share this wonderful, sometimes hectic, life together. We are raising a beautiful little boy, together. We are soulmates, teammates, best friends and parents. 

And I am humbled. 

I couldn't do it without all of your love and support, babe. You're a rock star dad. Be proud of yourself. Flaunt it, toots. 

Melissa Loren

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